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Fr. Matthias SaskoHomilyNew Bedford, MA
September 10, 2019

Hypostatic Union? What’s That? (Hint: Mystery of Redemption) – Sep 10 – Homily – Fr Matthias

Fr Matthias gives the homily on Sep 10, 2019 (Tuesday of the Twenty-third Week of Ordinary Time) regarding the "hypostatic union," a term that few Catholic have ever heard of, and still fewer…
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Fr. Maximilian WarnisherHomilyNew Bedford, MA
September 11, 2019

Hardship Now, Joy Hereafter – Sep 11 – Homily – Fr Maximilian

In a votive Mass in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows (Wednesday of the Twenty-Third Week of Ordinary Time), Fr. Maximilian gives the homily on how to see hardship, suffering, and sorrow in…
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Fr. JacintoGriswold, CTHomily
September 12, 2019

Mary’s Name – Sep 12 – Homily – Fr Jacinto

  Fr Jacinto gives the homily at Griswold, CT on Sep 12, 2019 on how we honor Mary's name because she is the holiest creature. The name in the Old Testament describes the…
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