Fr. Angelo GeigerHomily
April 12, 2007

Video – Fr. Angelo – Homily: Witnesses Without Excuses

Homilies #51 - Thursday Easter Homily by Fr. Angelo, F.I. (6min) >>> Play Ave Maria! We are witnesses of the Resurrection; we have the benefit of a 20/20 hindsight vision that the apostles…
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Fr. Maximilian DeanImmaculate Music
April 11, 2007

Video – Music – In the Breaking of the Bread

Immaculate Music #5 - Fr. Maximilian and Michael Grogan sing about the disciples on the road to Emmaus. >>> Play Ave Maria! This song, In the Breaking of the Bread, sung by Fr.…
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Fr. Elias MillsHomily
April 11, 2007

Video – Fr. Elias Mary – Homily: Appearances, Signs, and Wonders

Homilies #50 - Easter Wednesday Homily by Fr. Elias, F.I. (7min) >>> Play Ave Maria! During the octave (8 days) of Easter, the daily gospel readings speak of Our Lord's appearances after the…
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Fi News
April 10, 2007

Video – FiNews #11: Ten Franciscans of the Immaculate Ordained to the Priesthood

FI News #11 - A slide show of the recent ordinations of 10 friars. >>> Play Ave Maria! We are happy to announce that ten Franciscans of the Immaculate were ordained to the…
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Face of Pro-Life
April 10, 2007

Video – Face of Pro-Life #5: Electing for the Culture of Death

Face of Pro-Life #5 - Corinn Dahm & Joe Collison (29min) >>> Play Ave Maria! "The American people don't care about abortion."? That's Joe Collison's explanation for the shift in power in the…
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Fr. BonaventureHomily
April 10, 2007

Video – Fr. Bonaventure – Homily: The Divine Gardener at the Tomb

Homilies #49 - Easter Tuesday Homily by Fr. Bonaventure, F.I. (7min)>>> Play   Ave Maria! Though she loved much and was forgiven much, even Mary Magdalene did not initially believe in the Resurrection…
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Fra Joseph MaryNo Apologies
April 9, 2007

Video – No Apologies #3- Mary, Ark of the New Covenant

No Apologies #3 - Ark of the New Covenant >>> Play Ave Maria! Continuing his discourse on Old Testament prefigurements of Mary, Fra Joseph shows the many ways Mary is like the Ark…
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Fr. BonaventureHomilySpecial Event
April 8, 2007

Video – Fr. Bonaventure – Homily: Easter Sunday 2007

Homilies #48 - Fr. Bonaventure Preaches on Easter Sunday Morning (26min) >>> Play   Ave Maria! Neither science nor the skeptical modern mind can account for what caused the death of Christ on…
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AirMaria UpdatesPromo
April 8, 2007

Video – FiNews #10: Dana gives Air Maria a High Note

FI News #10 - Dana sings her praises for Air Maria >>> Play Ave Maria! Dana, shown here in the 1993 World Youth Day in Denver Colorado, gives a heart warming recommendation for…
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Fr. Maximilian DeanThe Cornerstone
April 7, 2007

Video – Fr. Maximilian – The Cornerstone #2 – Jesus Christ, Temple & Chief Cornerstone

The Cornerstone #2 - Jesus, the Chief Cornerstone of God's eternal plan >>> Play Ave Maria! In this episode Fr. Maximilian Mary turns to Sacred Scripture to proclaim that in God's eternal designs…
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