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Mary Vitamin – The ?Woman? of the Bible and Our Mother

Mary Vitamin

Topic: The ?Woman? of the Bible and Our Mother

?[Mary] is the real, physical Mother of the Messiah; she is the real mystical Mother of the Church, the new people of God. This is the thread, that, without a break in continuity, starts with Genesis and reaches to Revelation, passing through Cana and Calvary.? – Father Stefano Manelli, FI, All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed, (Academy of the Immaculate: 1989), 356.

?On this subject, a passage interesting and rich in insight, accurate as it is delicate, has been written by I. de La Potterie:
A very important insight of modern exegesis has brought to light how the mystery of Mary in some way forms a synthesis of all of the preceding revelation about the people of God, about all that which God, through his salvific action, wishes to realize for his people. In Mary are accomplished all of the important aspects of the promises of the Old Testament to the Daughter of Sion, and in her concrete person is anticipated that which will be realized for the new people of God, which is the Church. Now, the history of revelation regarding the theme of the Woman Sion concretized in the person of Mary, and extended to the Church, constitutes a doctrinal bastion, an unshakable, well-structured ensemble for understanding the history of salvation, from its origins to the last times.? – Father Stefano Manelli, FI, All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed, (Academy of the Immaculate: 1989), 361.

My efforts at imitating Our Lady, at cultivating a habitual relationship with my heavenly Mother (which in the grand scheme of Christianity, specifically when compared to martyrdom, is an easy thing to do.) This simple devotion of Mother/child opens the mysteries of the Old Testament, is a symbol of the church, encourages appreciation of the True God/True Man reality of the Messiah, sheds light on the profound mystery of the Blessed Trinity and finally provides one with a greater and more profound desire to worship the Blessed Sacrament, the Son of God who is also the Son of Mary.

I will try to cultivate a deeper love for my Heavenly Mother, the Queen of Heaven. The more childlike I become in her presence the more the mysteries of heaven and God will be revealed.
Today I will repeat ?Mother? and realize so much is contained in this one simple word.

Marian Vow:
?She is queen also of earth because she is the Mother of God himself, but she both desires and has a right to be freely acknowledged by every heart, be loved as the Queen of every heart, so that through her that heart might become immaculate, similar to her heart and more worthy of union with God, with the love of God, with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.? – St. Maximilian Kolbe, Will to Love, (Marytown Press: 1998), 138.

I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Thanks be to God for graces received.

Ave Maria!


Mary Vitamin is a daily Email support for Marian mental prayer. Each day (Monday through Friday) members will receive a brief Marian quote with a corresponding Marian meditation and resolution. The Mary Vitamin is designed to make mental prayer a little simpler and bring Our Lady into your day in a systematic way.


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