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Brian Brown

Video – News #1 – Religious Liberty Under Fire

Saturday, March 7th, 2009
Air Maria News #1 – Brian Brown defends traditional marriage >>> Play

[This is a re-post of an earlier video from April 2007 which has Rep. Michael Lawlor grilling Brian Brown, then Executive Director of CT Family Institute (it starts at 4:22). Lawlor, along with Andrew McDonald, is the one who recently introduced Bill #1098 that directly and brazenly attacks the authority of Catholic bishops and pastors in the state of Connecticut. In this video they debate the Same Sex Marriage bill also introduced by Lawlor and McDonald. It gives a good look at the persistent drive of Lawlor (a self-proclaimed homosexual) in trying to pin the “bigotry” label on Brian and the Catholic Church merely for opposing gay marriage. The bill died in committee so there is good reason to believe that Bishop Lori has it right when he says this bill is “a thinly-veiled attempt to silence the Catholic Church” in regard to opposing things like same sex marriage. See our post below.

Brian Brown has since moved on to the the National Organization for Marriage where he spearheaded Proposition 8 against Gay Marriage in California.]

Original Post:

Ave Maria!

This is a special AIRMARIA report on the status of religious liberty in America, relative to the ongoing push on the part of the homosexual lobby for full same-sex marriage in Connecticut. (more…)

Video – Brian Brown – Keep the Family #2: Battle for Massachusetts

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007
Click to Play Video
Keep the Family #2 – Brian Brown on the Battle for Massachusetts (7min) >>> Play

Ave Maria!

Brian Brown gives a blow by blow account of how the referendum initiative to stop ‘gay marriage’ in Massachusetts was defeated through lobby pressure from special interest groups. Come listen to how politics really work.

Ave Maria!

Video – Brian Brown – Keep the Family #1: Introduction

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
Keep the Family #1 – Brian Brown hosts our new show: Keep the Family >>> Play

Ave Maria!

Brian Brown hosts our new show: Keep the Family. This exciting new series will concentrate on how to defend the family institution and provide solutions for us to keep the family strong. Come watch this first episode as he exposes the dangers to the natural family in our modern society.

Ave Maria!