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Video – Roving Reporter #16: Video Preparations for the Coredemption Conference

Click to Play Video
Roving Reporter #16 – Friar Augustine and Susan Mackewich on the Video School at the Griswold Friary (5min) >>> Play

Ave Maria!

Friar Roderic catches Fra Augustine, FI and Susan Mackewich of Gizmo Production & Post, NY City as they wrap-up their video school for the friars at Griswold, CT in preparation for the Live Video Transmission of the Behold Your Mother Conference in Indiana on Oct 13th. In the video school they did a complete training in the set-up and operation of our portable live video system that we will be using to live stream from Greenwood, IN. Come watch this video and see how much is going into the preparation for this event.

Ave Maria!

4 Responses to “Video – Roving Reporter #16: Video Preparations for the Coredemption Conference”

  1. Mark Says:

    A FOUR CAMERA SHOOT!!!!!!!!! Holy molely?????

    You have all the prayers I can say between now and then.

    Ave Maria!

    p.s. nice to see the chalkboard cleaned up. You never know what kind of rubbish someone will put on it. 😉

  2. apostolate Says:


    Ave Maria! Thanks for the prayers. We need them!

  3. Brother of Good Counsel Says:

    Great to see Susan back at the friary, and she’s a natural on camera. I don’t quite know what a 4-camera shoot involves, but it sounds impressive.

    Nice short on the conference prep!

  4. Air Maria » Blog Archive » The Wide of Support for Coredemption Dogma Says:

    […] Upcoming Marian Coredemption Conference in Greenwood, Indiana, Oct 13, 2007. Featuring many of the most popular? Catholic Speakers and Artists.? See Promo Video, Video on Technical Preparations […]

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