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Jul 06 – Homily – Fr Elias: Maria Goretti and Purity

Click to Play

Homily #130706b ( 11min) Play – Fr. Elias on this first Saturday preaches on the life of St. Maria Goretti and the importance of purity. Even on a natural level we should be able to see the need for it. However, in order to embrace and live by the standards that we all know we must, we need the grace of God. Let us ask Mary with her Immaculately pure Heart to pray for each of us and all our modern culture.
Ave Maria!
Mass: St. Maria Goretti – Opt Mem – Form: OF
Readings: Saturday 13th Week of Ordinary Time
1st: gen 27:1-5, 15-29
Resp: psa 135:1-2, 3-4, 5-6
Gsp: mat 9:14-17

Audio (MP3)


2 Responses to “Jul 06 – Homily – Fr Elias: Maria Goretti and Purity”

  1. Alex Benedictus Says:

    Father, what a great homily! It’s one of the best homilies I have heard at the last days (I mean in long time). I would like to mention particulary that I love you mention of a certain reserch that shows how the brain of men works, so that the attraction of men for women is not a cultural matter, but rather something biological and the society has to obey the natural laws. Off course,? there are much social engineering behind the perverted mores/behaviors nowadays, but this other issue.

  2. Alex Benedictus Says:

    Father, could you quote? the video or the book where you saw that precious info you have mentioned in this homily? It would be very helpful for a large number of people who fight for a society with better mores/behaviors.

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