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Conclave Buzz Meter

Ave Maria! As we look ahead to the upcoming conclave, here is a list of Cardinal electors from New Advent, the site that has the Catholic Encyclopedia. The ranking is not what I want to focus on but it is interesting in that it is based at least to some extent on objective metrics including  from Google Trends, regarding who is talked about the most. What I like most about the list is the large number of links going off to various articles on each cardinal. So I have included it here for this reason.

From New Advent:


Updated February 27, 2013

Here are the 115 cardinal electors, ranked according to a “buzz” score calculated by New Advent. This score is based on a cardinal’s relative influence and visibility, and adjusted daily based on Google search activity in various languages (see Google Trends). This list is not intended as a prediction of the outcome of the conclave or as a judgment on the worthiness of each man. The first number is the rank as calculated on February 27. The second number is the change in rank (if any) between February 21 and 27.

1  SCOLA – AllenPalmoTwitterVaticanYouTube
2  TURKSON +3 – AllenPalmoVaticanYouTube
3  BAGNASCO -1 – AllenPalmoVaticanYouTube
4  TAGLE +2 – AllenPalmoVaticanYouTube
5  RODRÍGUEZ -2 – PalmoVatican
6  BERTONE -2 – PalmoVatican
7  OUELLET – AllenPalmoVaticanYouTube
8  RAVASI +2 – AllenPalmoTwitterVaticanYouTube
9  SANDRI – AllenPalmoVaticanYouTube
10  ERD? +1 – AllenVaticanYouTube
11  CAÑIZARES -3 – PalmoVatican
12  AVIZ +1 – Vatican
13  SCHÖNBORN -1 – AllenPalmoVatican
14  O’MALLEY +7 – AllenPalmoTwitterVatican
15  DOLAN +13 – PalmoTwitterVaticanYouTube
16  ROUCO +4 – PalmoVatican
17  CIPRIANI -3 – BermudezPalmoVatican
18  SCHERER +7 – AllenPalmoTwitterVaticanYouTube
19  VINGT-TROIS -2 – LawlerVatican
20  PENGO -5 – Vatican
21  SEPE -5 – PalmoVatican
22  KOCH +11 – PalmoVatican
23  PELL -5 – PalmoRomeReportsVatican
24  RICARD -5 – PalmoVatican
25  COMASTRI +19 – PalmoVatican

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