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Video – Conf #167: Courage2012-1 – Bl. John Newman and Friendship

Click to Play Video
Conferences #167 – Bp. James D. Conley ( 45min) >>> Play

Ave Maria!

Most Reverend James D. Conley gives the opening keynote address at the 2012 Courage Conference held in Emmitsburg, MD. The talk is titled: “Friendship, Modern Isolation and the New Evangelization in the Thought of Bl. John Henry Newman“. And he bases it on Newman’s motto “Cor ad cor loquitur” or  “Heart speaks to heart” which Bp. Conley has taken as his own episcopal motto since Newman so profoundly influenced him. Newman says, it is friendship that was neglected in his isolated, individualistic society whereas Jesus wants us to become friends with him and with each other. Bp. Conley says this is all the more true today as we have become more materialistic and secular and how we must get back to true sacrificial charity exemplified by the crucified Christ. This will do more to reverse the moral decay of our society than anything else. This process starts with the gift of supernatural charity and faith in ourselves and spreads truth and charity which is then passed on, person to person, as heart speaks to heart. A hearty thank you to the Daughters of St. Paul for providing the audio of the second half of the bishop’s talk which they recorded separately after the power went out.

Ave Maria!

Audio (MP3)


One Response to “Video – Conf #167: Courage2012-1 – Bl. John Newman and Friendship”

  1. Deacon Robert Walker Says:

    Bishop Conley’s presentation is a CLASSIC! The rain and the lightning dramatically punctuated the talk as if to emphasize how important it is at this time to understand how the New Evangelization is to be best conducted. I encourage everyone to follow the link to the Daughters of St. Paul, obtain a CD, and then share it with your FRIENDS!

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