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Video – Variety #161: Marian Parish Procession in Italy

Click to Play Video
Variety #161 – Feast of Our Lady of Nazareth, Rome, Italy ( 14min) >>> Play

Ave Maria!

Here’s a glimpse of the procession that was held on the outskirts of Rome for the feast of “Holy Mary of Nazareth” parish, one of the parishes that our Franciscan Friars have care of here in Italy. We’ve added to the footage a few reflections from the book Devotion to Mary, written by our founder, Father Stefano M. Manelli, to add some depth and reflection to this short, catholic-culture film. Included are also some piano pieces played by Sister Maria Settima Manelli, a hymn or two from our Friars, and also some faint but beautiful hymns taken from the monastery of our contemplative Franciscan Sisters here in Italy at Città di Castello.

Ave Maria!

Audio (MP3)


3 Responses to “Video – Variety #161: Marian Parish Procession in Italy”

  1. Brother Stefano Says:

    How I miss that friary!

  2. Gro Inger Rasmussen Says:

    Thank you from my heart. The mixture of the contemplative music and the bustle of real life Rome made this video exceptional.
    The Marian Procession, the Marian shrines along the route, the devotion of all the people,singing and praying,it warmed a northern heart . The “Ave Maria”hymn at the end of the video, was inspired singing.

  3. Marie Says:

    This beautiful video comes at the most Providential time in my life! Well done, Fra Terrence! BTW, I hope you receive many graces on your upcoming feast day! :)

    St Therese of the Child Jesus, pray for us!

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