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A Day With Mary – 1st Week Training Course Photos

Friar Peter Julian (American) stands in the threshold of the conference room in which the training course is being held. At the moment the small room is not too bad, but as soon as everyone else shows up on Tuesday the 22nd it’ll become a tight squeeze in my opinion. CLICK MORE BELOW TO ENTER

Fr. Agnellus Maria Murphy (English) – Spiritual Assistant for England and Claudio Lo Sterzo (Italian) “A Day with Mary” Founder/Delegate for England.

Most of the initial group participating in the course. The Italians will be late, but on time if you think in Italian. PS. The “cute” set up of the desk was not done by any of us men.

Winston Warrington fulfilling jobs A to Z.

Friar Roderic Mary Burke (American) freezes now and then like his PC, while Fra. Didacus (American) moves too fast like a … to be photographed. Fra. Roderic has set-up a control room adjacent to the conference room in order to capture and edit on the spot; to produce DVD’s of the course.

F.I. Tertiary, Brother Michael Mary Clark (American) – Delegate for Maine, New York – One the first tertiaries in America.

Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger (American) Spiritual Assistant for Griswold, Connecticut. U.S.A

left to right – F.I. Tertiary Brother David Marie Rose (American) and Fr. John Carlo Maria (Philippino) Spiritual Assistant for the Philippines.

Fr. Raphael Maria (American) Spiritual Assistant Representative from New Bedford, Massachusetts. U.S.A.

Fr. John Joseph Mary (American) Spiritual Assistant Representative for Maine “Endicott”, New York. U.S.A.  – Just a note that Mt. St. Francis Hermitage is located in Endicott N.Y. Maine N.Y. is only where the mail is delivered.

Trevor Downs (English) Vice Delegate for England.

Fr. Sharbel Mary Hayward (Australian) Spiritual Assistant for Western Australia.

F.I. Tertiary Brother Augustine Mary stirring up the gang against Claudio with questions. Delegate for New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Inside the control room technical issues begin to arise.

Anne and Patricia (English) Team Members.