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ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times All Ignore March for Life | LifeNews.com

Ave Maria! Media ignores the March for Life where an estimated 400,000 marchers attended this year!!

None of the broadcast news programs from Monday evening and Tuesday morning covered the 2011 “March for Life” in Washington, DC, a pro-life rally that reportedly drew at least tens of thousands of attendees.

Neither NBC, ABC, nor CBS gave any coverage Monday to the March for Life on their respective evening news programs; none of the networks covered the story Tuesday morning. The New York Times did not cover the story, as the MRC’s blog “Times Watch” documented. The Washington Post, however, did provide a fair account of the rally in its Metro section.

via ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times All Ignore March for Life | LifeNews.com.

2 Responses to “ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times All Ignore March for Life | LifeNews.com”

  1. Matt@StBlogustine Says:

    The MSM didn’t cover The March For Life, BUT I DID. In fact, I covered it for the first time last year, as well. And when I did I got the biggest spike of visits to my blog I’ve ever had, because very few bloggers covered it, too, to any extent.

    I took 105 photos, 23 of which are on the blog and the rest on Flickr, to which I link.


    BTW, I love the time lapsed video Air Maria did!

  2. Cathy Potter Says:

    My daughter and granddaughers attended the 38th March for life.

    I did record the March on EWTN and was extremely disappointed that the major networks did not report this incredible show of young people and support to the Right for Life. They are our hope! Even the video of the Youth Rally at the Verizon Center was an incredible testimony. Shame on the media for not covering this event!

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