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Video – No Apologies #120: Against the Sedevacantists

Click to Play Video
No Apologies #120 – ( 08min) >>> Play

Ave Maria!

Update: Audio problem has been fixed.

The Sedevacantist professes that the Seat of Peter is now vacant. Benedict XVI  is a false pope posing as the legitimate Vicar of Christ. Their reasoning is that he, and at least 4 of  his predecessors, have taught and believe heresy, and so automatically are deposed of their office. Their error is private judgment, which when looked at reveals a foundation built upon sand.

Ave Maria!

Audio (MP3)


3 Responses to “Video – No Apologies #120: Against the Sedevacantists”

  1. john Says:

    the audio goes or scratchy at 6:30 of this, I wanted to hear the end but the last minute the audio is not working! It was good up until then.

  2. apostolate Says:

    Ave Maria!

    The video is being reworked for the Audio Problem. Thanks John

  3. timothy m. Says:

    Fra joseph mary, I was watching sid roths its supernatural the other day and they claim that the pope is promoteing a one world religeon. And there is more than one way to jesus christ. And the pope will be the false prophet that will side with the antichrist to lead many astray. Can you tell me what this all is about???

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