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Video – Roving Reporter #70: Abp Raymond Burke and Shrine of OLO Guadalupe

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Roving Reporter #70 – Fr. Peter interviews the founder of Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine. ( 26min) >>> Play

Ave Maria!

Archbishop Raymond Burke is at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, WI celebrating the first anniversary of the shrine’s opening. The Rector of the shrine, our very own Fr. Peter Fehlner, took the opportunity to ask him for an interview on his role as the “Chief Justice” of the Catholic Church and the significance of the shrine in a modern, relativistic world and the Archbishop graciously agreed.

Taking his queue from an editorial from Dr. Robert Moynihan in the June issue of Inside the Vatican, Fr. Peter asks Abp. Burke his opinion on two different types of justice prevailing in the world, one relativistic and the other based on absolutes like natural law and divine revelation.

This leads to many other questions on our current cultural, political, social and spiritual condition: Does relativism lead to tyranny and totalitarianism? Is it possible to have an appeal to a higher authority than the US Supreme Court? Is relativism the cause of our current economic mess? Is strict separation of Church and state viable? How is religion and the Catholic Church important in secular affairs today? Is there a connection between your role as Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura and your Marian devotion? Does Our Lady add an element of mercy to the judicial process? Does Our Lady have a role in resolving the current crisis in the secular world? What role does this Shrine have today in the Church? Can Our Lady be a means to solve the ecumenical crisis.

And there are more provocative questions like: Can Our Lady be the basis for true and lasting peace, sort of a “Pax Mariana”, that would replace peace based on worldly power which comes and goes like “Pax Romana”, “Pax Britannica” and perhaps even “Pax Americana”?

Listen to a whole world of insight from this very Marian Prelate.

Ave Maria!

Audio (MP3)