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May 31 – Special Homily – Fr Angelo: Visitation of Mary

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Homily #080531s ( 00min) Play – This year the Visitation supersedes the Feast of the Immaculate Heart, but they are related. Mary went to visit Elizabeth out of the pure love from her Immaculate Heart and the Magnificat is the most exquisite joy-filled song expressing this Love. This is the secret of Joy to love and serve your neighbor out of Love for God.
Ave Maria! Mass readings

2 Responses to “May 31 – Special Homily – Fr Angelo: Visitation of Mary”

  1. Rachel - Jacobs Love Says:

    Quoting your words from this homily,

    “If you?re irritable or angry or you?re having a hard time finding joy in your life do something that you wouldn?t like to do for somebody else and that was recommended as a cure for sadness and irritability.”

    How very true are such words. Praying for one’s enemy is the hardest thing one can do especially if one is to perform such a work of mercy with a true love that does so for simply supernatural reasons “because Christ commands us to” Having an undivided heart that loves Christ can be so very freeing. I have found in my own life that often times when I feel angry or sad all I have to do is look to the reason why I am feeling such. Most often than not, it is because someone has rejected me. Underlying this pain of rejection is a sort of pride. “How dare they?” When I pray for that someone or persons who have rejected me, I usually find that such rejection is God’s protection and then I have great reasons to rejoice.

    Better to pray for one’s enemies than to stoop in one’s own anger and sorrow.

  2. Fr Angelo Says:


    You have learned a secret, which is hidden, not because it has never been taught openly, but because it can only be appreciated through grace.

    God bless you.

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