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Those Unexpected College Expenses

I saw this story yesterday and couldn’t help but feel for all those college kids who won’t have affordable birth control options when they head back to school this year. Then I saw this story today and saw a silver lining. My heart really does go out to those kids with their irresistible urges sipping Vodka Redbulls and having their right to low-cost subsidized (by our tax dollars) birth control taken away. I am equally gladdened, however, to know that some Pharmaceutical companies are making big profits off the whole thing. Me thinks those kids could have a good shot at the legal lottery. I mean, they’ve been wronged and they’re suffering. Where’s the ACLU????

2 Responses to “Those Unexpected College Expenses”

  1. Mark Says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    p.s. Red Bull minus the extra is quite good; but I digress 😉

  2. magdalen Says:

    This whole agenda of sex FIRST starts in the early elementary years in the public (maybe not only public?) school system.
    The devil is at work on the children and the adults are too stupid and addicted or too busy with themselves to see it.