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Video – Fi News #1 – Setting-up the Creche

FI News #1 – Time-lapse of setting-up the creche >>> Play

Ave Maria!

The keystone friars set-up the creche at Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel in this time-lapse video set to “O Little Town of Bethlehem” sung by the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate. Merry Christmas!

Ave Maria!

4 Responses to “Video – Fi News #1 – Setting-up the Creche”

  1. dymphna Says:

    That was beautiful!

  2. noblelourdes Says:

    What a lovely Christmas gift. We are so blessed to see and hear all of you. Thank you!

  3. thom Says:

    Wow definitly more work than it looks. Also I guess we’ll never really know how all that shrubbery got there.

  4. apostolate Says:

    We used lots of Miracle Grow! Just Kidding :) One of the friars (who’s name will not be mentioned) went ahead and put in all the trees without starting the camera. So that part was missed. Must be the will of the Immaculate…

    Fra Roderic